Cultivate the Garden of your Mind, Chapter One

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Our mind gardens are full of thistles, thorns, brambles and every other kind of weed.
The real “you” has been overrun and smothered by these weeds to the point that you barely see light anymore.
There is still hope, but you must be willing to put your time into:
– seeking out the weeds one by one
– following the stem deep down to the root
– pull it out separate, from the other weeds
– recognize and accept it, for what it is
– and discard as the “past”
You CANNOT change the past. You can learn from your past, but the past no longer exists…except in your memory.
No amount of dwelling on it, sorting it, re-living it, will alter it. It is gone… a vapor, a memory only!
BUT bringing the remembrance of past to your present … “does” affect your “here and now” though,… if you insist and make it so.
Depending on whether a good memory, or bad it “will” create your today, your mood, your emotions, your actions and reactions to the level that you have chosen to dwell on it.
And those “you” DO control (no-one else).
If it happens to be a sad memory and you have determined to bring it to your present moment you will be sad all over again, and depressed, and not function through this day. But you could have a great  inspiring day had you chosen to focus on the day before you right here, right now instead. Yet again…Your choice!
” Acts are the blossom of THOUGHT” JamesAllen
The consequences of those acts are fulfillment or sadness. And we are the only ones responsible for their arrival! We are also the only one responsible for holding onto those thoughts. or releasing them and moving on!
God created the base (nature) but we (man) have created everything else.
Everything we see on the earth besides nature itself was created by our thoughts. We dwelt on that thought, till producing it in a material /tangible form.
Just think about that!… The road you drive on, the house you live in, the fork you eat with, the clothes you wear, the little button you push and get light, heat, the water that drains out in your kitchen tap that comes from miles away. None of it would be here for you without someone first  thinking about the possibility and focusing on it till making it a tangible reality.
As profound as that contemplation is, the deeper contemplation of “you” as a unique, unduplicated, never to exist again, human being walking this planet is multiplied by infinity. And nothing but “your mind, thought, and action (or lack of)” controls the creation and progression of your existence!
YOU the spiritual being will always exist.
Once the body you inhabit for your experience on this planet has completed its time, it will die and become a different type of matter within natures cycle and the real you will go on to its next venture.
Think about this . Science has already proved our cells die and recreate every 6-7 years (reference at  bottom of post). There is not one cell in your body “now” that existed when you were a baby, a child, a pre-teen, a teen , a young adult etc… And not one cell of those bodies exist anymore as your cells.They died off and were washed down the drain, fell to the ground, whatever… yet you (the spiritual you) continued on throughout all of those bodies and continue to in the body you have now.
“As a man thinkth, so is he” is not just a scripture or philosophers wise saying… It’s a truth!
It matters not whether you believe it, or like it, or want it.
You cannot change it anymore than you can affect change to gravity, wind, or air. They do not exist because you believe or don’t believe in them. They are not tangible. They can not be seen. But they are truly there no matter what your belief in them is. Not believing does not mean they don’t continue to stand as fact (truth).
We are the creators of our own consequences and reality on this planet.
Link to cell regenerations   <p>Source: <em><a href=””>Does the Human Body Really Replace Itself Every 7 Years?</a></em></p>

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