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Chaos to calm. The statement continues to surface for me on a consistant basis. My challenge for the day was to write out everything I love to do! The time limit on this one was 20 minutes.
As I was writing I noticed a distinct pattern. Almost everything I wrote, broke down to 3 basic things I loved to problem solve. And always found me creating from a mind space that was extremely uplifting, as I seek to create solutions  for more time in a day, more money at month end, and more functional space. The challenge for me is in taking the space at hand and designing a clutter free, multi-functional space for its required purpose/needs, with a calming ambiance/atmosphere to it.
The second thing I noticed was my fulfilment came in not only doing this for me, it was equally or more so, in doing it for everyone I talked to that had problems in these areas. I say more so, because there is always excitement and appreciation for my solutions from whoever is receiving my insights. Which of course gives me even more fulfilment, in the fact that I had just made someones day or life less complicated and hectic.
I love the challenge of problem solving every one of these areas of life in profound, unique, inspiring ways no one else thinks about very often.
Although health is another huge problem solving creation I love to work with, is very time consuming as well. Health is the one thing everyone on this planet needs to care more about (before they get sick). It is also a great deal more complex in its solutions and its understanding. The brainwashing alone over the last 50 years is not an easy thing to explain or change. The person receiving has to almost be at their wits end to even seriously look outside the box of multi corporations for their answers.
Of course I will include a section on health issues within this site as well but I’m not sure what responses it will receive.
To give you an idea of what this site is about, here are a couple of shortened examples;
Saving space; Let’s take the bedroom of a child for this example. Once you have the bed, dresser, toy box and possibly desk (for homework hahaha) there is not much floor space left for playing (if younger) or hanging out with friends (if preteen/teen.)
So lets start by getting rid of the bed frame, the desk, and the dresser. You can replace all of that furniture and only use up a 6” width by 6 foot length of floor space in that bedroom and have the whole room basically as playroom/hangout. You can comfortably do the same on an opposite wall and have 2 children sharing a room with only losing 6 inches of floorspace on either wall. That’s one foot less in width than if it was empty. You now have a playroom/bedroom depending on whether it’s day or night. Each bed only requires 2 sheets of plywood (if you want a desk) 1 sheet if no desk, a few 1 X 6’s, a few 2X2’s and 2X4’s, swivel brackets, hinges,  chalk paint, and some wire shelves & brackets ,all together, less than $100 gets you a bedroom for one or two kids and a full size playroom. You would be building (very easy) murphy beds with a pull down desk. You could push up vertically or horizontally. Horizontally is best for rental housing as they are easier to stabilize without attaching to the wall. Then put the wire racks in the closet to one side and put tote boxes on them for the items you had in the dresser. Note: if dresser is small you can just put it in the closet. Rarely do kids need or use much of the hanger space anyway. If you have a  toy box you just throw a lawn chair cushion on it and you have seating for at the desk … A bit more to it than that but I’m sure you get my drift.
Money, Time & Health savings? (I love it when you can do one thing and save in lots of ways).
Every time you make a homemade meal (I have easy , healthy recipes too) make twice as much as you need for supper, then freeze half in a tinfoil container. (cheap to buy at the grocery store in batches of 3-6). Label the lid with the meal inside and date. If you do this with every supper you make before you know it you will have tons of choices for dinner when you don’t feel like cooking or don’t want to take the time too “Cook again tonight”.
In making double the amount you have saved time by not having to cook, prepare and clean up for 2 separate meals. You just pop it in the oven when you get home and relax while supper heats up. You have saved money and health buy not buying fast food or premade meals “by swanson” and you know every ingredient thats in it . None of which are preservatives, colourings, unrecognizable ingredients, fake flavours and…
BY THE WAY, meals warmed a second time around are just as delicious and every bit as nutritious ,as well as, being spiced and made just the way you like them.
That’s it for now, just thought I would give a couple of shortened versions of articles you will find on the site when it’s fully running.
Have an amazing day and don’t forget…
Change your Focus<>Change your Life

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