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“A Coach is someone who gets you to do,

what you don’t want to do,

so you can be,

who you want to be.” Tom Landry




Live and Learn they say... Growth... It 's necessary.
You must know Sorrow to know Joy, Tired to know Energized, Emptiness to know Fulfillment, Failure to know Success...
My childhood was lonely and unsupervised. I am the oldest of 4 children.
I have come to realize from reflection and tidbits of information over the years that both my parents struggled with horrendous circumstances as children themselves.

It all is, what it is.

There is no changing it, but there is no need to change it either.

It is an essential part of who I am…

And I love that!

My escape was marriage at the age of 19.
My husband came from an alcohol addiction background, escape was his motive also “I think”.
Over the course of 17 years we produced seven children…. yup 7 ! He had a good job, I was a stay at home mom. As  20 years of marriage progressed, the addiction of alcohol for him became unbearable for me, and so I gave the ultimatum… Us or the bottle. He choose the latter (addiction does that) and to prove to me I couldn’t go it alone he promptly moved overseas to “teach me a lesson”.
This too is what has made me…me. And I love that as well!

When my youngest child turned six and started school (she was three when he left), I went back to school myself and became a nurse.  I had bartended, waitressed, and cleaned houses to make ends meet. But was hardly ever home.  I decided a profession was needed, in order to be available to my children and support us financially. BUT even with a profession under my belt, I discovered there was never enough money, space, or time.

And so began my quest for “making the most out of what we had” while trying to live a stress free existence.  It’s amazing… to this day the fondest childhood memories from my children are when we lived in a 245 sq ft house for 18 months. Each of them look back on that house and time as the absolute best memories ever.  Go Figure eh?  BUT I must say, it was my ultimately best ever use of space management. The story will be told in a post relating to multi-functional spaces.

Which brings me to “Here & Now”
I remained a single, sole income parent for the last 20 + years.  Now the children are grown with families of their own (I have 20 grandchildren). And I have time on my hands like I have never known before. I accumulated a great deal of insight into the reality of  "what we need" vs "what we think, we need" over the last 20+years.

It is positively amazing how little we really need to live an awesome life.

Once you take away the media driven consumerism - you will find a freedom you never thought possible. More money, more time, and more space right where you are.
My years of nursing, plus injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident (me and children rear-ended by a drunk driver doing 175 km/hr - another story/different post, have taken their toll on my ability to physically do nursing much longer. Most of my career was as a "casual" vs holding a position, so I could schedule around other obligations as a single parent. there is no pension for a casual nurse and therefore I am hoping to design workshops and seminars encouraging and helping those who need it most. As well as, give me income to pay my bills.
A great deal of my workshops will be at no cost and within the not for profit areas of life like soup kitchens, women's shelters, addiction & recovery centre's and other places where I find the deepest need. It is my way of paying it forward.
My intention is to have fun, follow my passion and bring you along on my present journey. Providing useful (past & present)  inspired solutions to all who want to de-stress and really "live" not just "exist" to do the, same old, again tomorrow.

I will be journaling my present venture as well under the blog heading of "Masterpiece Project". This is my ultimate freedom plan for my present life. It will be my most unique project of multipurpose space & complete freedom in every sense of the word.  It will increase my time for rest, peace, adventure and my savings account!  While decreasing the stress levels of living the status quo. It Is MY MASTERPIECE and I am SUPER excited to get started on it... I have something to prove here but it is only me I'm proving it too... just taking you along for the ride!

Since I am down to 3 days a week at work my extra time will be spent getting this site and community up and running. I am not much of a “techie” so it could take me a bit, but I have the time and a passion for sharing my heart and solutions with all who need it. I also love writing, sharing stories and thinking outside the box!

NOTE: I AM a christian and proud of it. I will NOT preach but my stories and "message music" will most definetly reflect it. I only got through this far in life and gained my insights by His Grace.

My intent is to be 100% genuinely me at all times.

Change your Focus<>Change your Life

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Knowing, collecting, reading about, and/or storing solutions won't get you any closer to solving your problem.

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